Well Told Health - Anti-Inflammatory

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Anti-Inflammatory. 62 Vegan Capsules. 500MG Each. 

Relieves inflammation and pain. A single-ingredient anti-inflammatory so powerful it doesn’t need anything else.

Sold under the name "Turmeric Booster" in the US.

Organic turmeric + vegan capsule shells + nothing else.

Why Take It: 
Chronic inflammation can go undetected for years
and can lead to other serious conditions, including digestive disorders, heart disease, thyroid issues, chronic pain and cancer.
If you have joint pain, regular use can help reduce it.
If you have minor wounds such as cuts, burns, and minor skin irritations it can help in the healing process. 



We source the highest quality most nourishing certified organic ingredients that we can find.

A powerful anti-inflammatory and one of the most studied natural ingredients in the world.

Capsule shells
Our capsule shells are 100% vegan, made with either tapioca or cellulose derived from pine trees.
While many brands choose to use gelatine capsules, we see it as an unnecessary added source of animal product, often unclearly sourced, with potential long-term side effects.