Veggie Guard (LARGE SIZE 18" wide)

Veggie Guard (LARGE SIZE 18" wide)

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    Reusable VEGGIE GUARD keeps produce fresh in the fridge, keeps broccoli fresh for THREE weeks! No more limp produce!

    Three layers of cotton. Get fully wet, wring our water to leave guard Damon. Not wet, not dry. Store a variety of veg in quilted envelope, store in fridge.

    Re moisten when bag dries (don’t let get totally dry) the dampness of the bag keeps the veg crisp. Don’t want soaking wet bag, just damp.

    Keeps broccoli crisp for 4+ weeks.
    Carrots for even longer.

    This bag is a game changer for keeping those veggies from going limp!

    Handmade with unbleached cotton outer layers and unbleached quilt batt between the layers. Cotton binding and shop label.

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