Terra Clay Salt Scrub - Lavender

Terra Clay Salt Scrub - Lavender

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    Terra Calma Lavender clay salt gently exfoliates skin and has organic lavender powder from Belgium added to calm frazzled nerves.  

    This natural product sustainably sourced and only found in Saskatchewan is the gold standard of exfoliants.

    While highly effective at removing dead skin and leaving you soft, it does not damage skin, unlike coffee, nut and other types of scrubs.  After using Terra exfoliants with warm water, pat area dry and add an Ama serum to lock in moisture leaving your skin soft and dewy.
    Terra Calma clay salts with lavender powder gently exfoliates skin, while the lavender also has natural anti-bacterial qualities.

    Benefits of Natural Clay Salts:
    - Removes dead skin cells
    - Improves Circulation
    - Promotes removal of toxins
    - Improve dullness and uneven texture

    Benefits of Organic Lavender:
    - Calming effect
    - Antibacterial
    - Antifungal

    Pairs really well with Ama Calma Flaxseed serum



      Sweet-smelling, relaxing, lavender powder is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, toning, and healing.


      These beautiful, tiny flakes infused with aromatic lavender powder, exfoliate and smooth dry, tired skin. They are a calming kiss at the start, or the end of a long day.


      Magnesium supports the synthesis of collagen and protects skin from harmful free radical damage that can ultimately lead to wrinkling and skin damage.

    • SODIUM

      Sodium helps restore the protective barrier in skin and helps skin hold hydration.


      Although potassium is not absorbed through your skin, it enhances skin’s pH, moisture, and texture.


      Calcium works with the epidermis to produce sebum, a natural, skin-coating substance that helps the skin maintain its natural moisture.

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