Riverstone Naturals Natural Deodorant

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    Available Unscented or Fresh Rain Scent. Select From Drop Down Menu. 

    Made with 100% natural ingredients. 113g. 

    Perfect for anyone with sensitivities to strong smells, only clean fresh natural ingredients used in making our deodorant.


    * Coconut Oil and beeswax are naturally effective against bacterial, yeast, and fungi.

    * Beeswax is naturally antiseptic (disinfectant).

    * Absorbs sweat, moisture and body odors.

    * Say "Goodbye" to aluminum-based deodorants! 

    How to Use 

    Simply use the back of your fingernail or an applicator pad to scoop a small "pea" sized amount from the tin. Apply with your fingers/pad by gently rubbing the deodorant cream onto the underarm area, as required.

    100% Natural Ingredients: 

    Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) * Extra-Virgin

    Cornstarch (maize corn) * GMO-Free

    Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) - Naturally Mined Aluminium Free

    Beeswax * Canadian Wax produced by the honeybee

    * Organic & Unrefined

    The Forest Rain Deodorant also contains: Melaleuca, Nialouli, Clove Bud and Rosemary Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. 


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