Pure Anada Pressed Blush

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Mineral pigments and organic Jojoba are pressed together to create a natural makeup product. You can have confidence that you are making a beautiful, healthy choice!

Finish: Demi-Matte (a balanced combination of luminous and matte mineral pigments)

How to Apply: Apply colour with the Pure Anada Deluxe Blush Brush.

Available in Dahlia, Day Lily, Bronzed Clove, Fresh Mandarin, Forever Summer, Lush Nectarine, Strawberry, Sweet Pea

1st Swatch (beginning at the wrist): Sweet Pea, Dahlia, Strawberry Field, Forever Summer

2nd Swatch (beginning at wrist): Fresh Mandarin, Lush Nectarine, Bronzed Clove, Tender Twig, Day Lily