Practical Homestead - Bowl Cover 9x13

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Reusable Bowl covers, Reusable container covers, Reusable casserole cover, Pyrex cover, Pyrex Bowl, cover leftovers, food storage, casserole cover, eco friendly, zero waste, 9x13 cover.

Bowl Covers can replace plastic wrap in the kitchen. The lining is certified FOODSAFE, and manufactured in USA. The cover is 100% cotton, and these can be machine washed & dried for convenience in the modern kitchen.

Let’s work together to reduce plastic wrap and tinfoil use in our kitchens! These covers and other products in my shop can help you along your way to a zero waste kitchen!

Handmade in a smoke free home.

More about ProSoft fabric (lining) it’s made in USA!

Does not contain lead or heavy metals

Does not contain BPA

Does not contain PFAs or PFOAs

Does not contain phthalates

Does not contain PVCs, diisocynates, chlorine, or migratable plasticizers

Does not contain latex

Pro-Soft is vegan (does not contain animal products)

Food Safety Information
Pro-Soft is laminated
75% Polyester
25% Polyurethane, with a special type of TPU film that:

Is approved for holding potable water.

May safely be used in contact with wet and dry food.

Is intended for repeated use in packing, processing, packaging, transporting, or holding food

Is recommended for room temperature, refrigerated and freezer use (not for heating or cooking of foods).

Machine wash warm or hot
Dry low/cool
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
No bleach, vinegar, or oxy-type products
Bleach, vinegar, and Oxy-clean products are harsh and over time can damage the lining.
It is recommended to use UNSCENTED regular or HE laundry detergent only.

Do not dry on HIGH heat, very high air heat can cause Lining to wear prematurely, warp or melt.

Although they are dryer safe (on low) they will last a LOT longer if just hung to dry. Lining tested to last 300 + washes & dries.

Bags are not oven, dishwasher or microwave safe.