Herbs & Butters Skincare - Q10 Facial Serum

Herbs & Butters Skincare - Q10 Facial Serum

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    An anti-aging dream. Rich in nutrients and bioactive ingredients, this vegan facial serum was formulated to address all aspects of skin aging. You’ll quickly fall in love with this transformational serum that works to soften the skin, enhance elasticity, tighten and tone, and boost skin cell regeneration through its rich supply of antioxidants.
    Excellent for normal and dry skin.
    Key ingredients and their benefits:

    • Coenzyme Q10 – A powerful anti-aging ingredient that reduces photo-aging effects.
    • Rosehip Oil – An incredible anti-aging oil.
    • Olive Squalane – Moisturizes the skin while acting as a natural guard against external irritants and pollutants. It penetrates deeply and helps to smooth wrinkles and alleviate the immediate signs of aging.
    • Sea Buckthorn Oil – A rich source of antioxidants that enhances skin elasticity.
    • Frankincense Essential Oil – Tightens and tones the skin while stimulating cell regeneration and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Lavender Essential Oil – Soothes and nourishes irritated skin.

    Ingredient callouts:
    All-natural. Vegan. Biodegradable formula. No parabens, sulfates or formaldehydes.
    Made in Manitoba

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