Ganesha Incense - CONES (50)

Ganesha Incense - CONES (50)

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    Ganesha's cone incense starts with a thick paste of reclaimed rubberwood powder, Indian laurel bark powder (a natural gum, also know as jiggat), and water, which is formed into cones using a mold, the cones are then sundried for several days and then infused with a blend of oils unique to each scent.

    Ganesha incense is made using sustainably harvested rubber tree waste wood, reclaimed from the furniture-making industry.

    Plantation-grown rubberwood is harvested after 25-30 years, once its rubber production dwindles. That wood is used in the furniture industry, Ganesha reclaims the sawdust and remanent wood and use it to produce the  incense. 

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