Ever Bamboo - Closet Deodorizer

Ever Bamboo - Closet Deodorizer

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    Closet Deodorizer and Dehumidifier 

    Closet musty? Treat it Justly!

    • ALL NATURAL bamboo charcoal moisture absorber
    • UNSCENTED - eliminates odours instead of masking them
    • LASTS UP TO 1 YEAR - reactivate under sunlight every 30-60 days

    Bamboo charcoal is produced from the rapidly growing moso bamboo. Its porous structure gives the charcoal its revolutionary abilities as both a deodorizer and dehumidifier. #RethinkTheStink

    Usage: Hang pouch in closet.

    With proper care, your bamboo charcoal will last up to one year. Leave pouch outside under direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) monthly for optimal performance. After one year, cut open pouch and mix charcoal granules into soil to regulate moisture.

    Content: Unscented bamboo charcoal granules

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