Riverstone Naturals -  Shave Soap

Riverstone Naturals - Shave Soap

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    Riverstone Natural's Shaving Soap gives a clean shave with lots of lather! Made with Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oils, it is gentle on the most sensitive skin and moisturizes while you shave. Perfect for all skin types, Shaving Soap is fragrance-free, scent-free, and chemical-free leaving you with soft, smooth skin without irritation. Perfect for men and women.

    75g. In carboard box. 


    * Gentle lathering face, hair, and body shave soap for normal, oily, acne and sensitive skin

    * Bentonite clay deep cleans, detoxifies, and lightly exfoliates the skin

    * Full lather provides a smooth glide for a clean shave

    * No fragrance, perfume or scent

    * Moisturizing blend of coconut, olive and palm oils for soft, smooth skin

    * Ideal for travel



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