Pure Anada - Control Mattifying Primer

Pure Anada - Control Mattifying Primer

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    Control Mattifying Primer helps to absorb excess oils, while simultaneously preventing dry skin.  Lady’s Mantle extract is proven to decrease sebum in clinical trials by 22-30%.  Biopolymer Chia extract functions to disrupt the surface tension of sebum on the skin by naturally binding excess oils.  

    Skin Types: For oily prone skin.

    Size: 30ml

     INGREDIENTS:  Water, Coconut Acid, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract

    Additional Information:

    Sebum can be a good thing.  It provides the skin with a protective barrier, functioning as a film former to seal in moisture.  However, in this case there can be too much of a good thing!  Excess oils cause skin to look greasy, attracting dirt and debris, making the skin look dull.  Oily skin causes makeup to shift throughout the day.   

    There are three common ways that people attempt to reduce excess sebum production.  

    1. Strip the skin with harsh alcohol-based toners.  The results in a rebound effect, causing the skin to go into sebum-producing overdrive.   
    1. Apply oil absorbing powder to keep the shine down.  This works aesthetically, but it doesn’t address the root cause of the oil production.  
    1. Biochemically blocking the formation of sebum on the skin with prescription medications, leaving the skin dried and unattractive.   

    Pure Anada CONTROL Mattifying primer contains lab-tested botanicals that bind with your natural oils to reduce the appearance of excess sebum and at the same time prevent dry skin.  In essence, your own natural body oil becomes the perfect moisturizer for your own skin’s bio-chemistry!  Other functional ingredients help to mattify without dehydrating skin to offer a smooth, sebum-free base for long lasting makeup application.  

    Biopolymer Chia seed extract is a game changer for oily skin!  It’s a modified protein that disrupts the surface tension of sebum on the skin by binding to excess sebum.  It absorbs oil in a water-dispersible polymer to form a film that reduces the appearance of oily skin and hydrates at the same time.  Chia's moisture retention benefits help to protect and condition skin.  

    Lady’s Mantle Extract was shown to significantly decrease sebum in an in-vivo study.  Four female subjects between the ages of 23-25 participated in the study which showed up to a 30% decrease in sebum on the nose, and cheek area.  Participants individually noted that the treated side was described as smoother, more matte and better overall base for makeup application.

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