Cosmetic Wipes - Package of 10

Cosmetic Wipes - Package of 10

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    Reuseable Cosmetic and Facial wipes, organic bamboo, zero waste, washable, no more waste. Use to remove makeup or apply toner, eco friendly, zerowaste. No more single use wipes, cotton pads.  

    Facial wipes with a toggled mesh bag to keep together in washing machine. 80% organic Bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial 20% polyester which helps the wipes to not stain. Super duper soft, absorbent. Fabric milled in USA.

    Use to remove make up, wash face etc.

    Wipes are approx 3” rounded corners. Serged edges, hand made.

    Each wipe is handmade by hand and each is unique.

    Recommend using only with a laundry bag so that no wipes join those missing socks in the washing machine / dryer.

    Zero Waste and Eco friendly, no more discarding single use facial wipes.

    This eco friendly organic bamboo blend fabric is as soft as a cloud (well I’ve never actually felt a cloud - you get the idea). It’s super thick and absorbent. You won’t be disappointed.

    *Made in Manitoba

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