Ativo Body Scrubs

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Ativo sugar scrubs are whipped to a fluffy texture and are so scrumptious that your skin will drink in all the goodness. Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil provide the ultimate moisture. Our scrubs will not clog razors or leave an oily film therefore they make an excellent shaving scrub.

Peaches & Cream: Peach, banana is blended with notes of Jasmine, along with a base of Vanilla Cream and Cedarwood.  Our natural fragrance is plant-based produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. * 100% Natural fragrance Oil. All oils are certified as being free of synthetic ingredients.

Vanilla Sugar: Rich aromatic vanilla topped off with coconut cream.  Decadence!  *A delicious blend of citrus essential oils and vanilla.

How to use:

Massage scrub in circular motions into warm, damp skin until sugar begins to dissolve. Allow to remain on the skin for a few moments for absorption. Rinse off when desired.



glycerin, organic cane sugar, aqua, sorbitol, sodium cocoyl/ lauroyl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate , sodium choloride, proprietary blend of organic essential oils.

100% Natural | 100% Organic | Tested on Friends Not Animals | 4oz BPA Free Recyclable Jar