CaroQuilla - Bikini Period Underwear

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Available From Sizes XS- 3X. Select From Drop Down Menu. 

🏃‍♀️ Feel confident every day of the month. Introducing the softest, breathable period underwear. Tired of disposable products? Try our bamboo period undies that feel like regular underwear. Our top layer is a quick dry layer that adds longevity and will keep you dry all day long.

☁️ Bamboo is incredibly soft, naturally breathable, and washes like normal undies. These can be worn to replace tampons, pantyliners or as back up.

🎋Bamboo is an eco-friendly fabric. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants out there, grows its own natural environment, requires no irrigation, saves our natural drinking water and requires no pesticides or chemicals.

Absorbency; light to moderate 2-3 tampons, 3tspn 18ml 

How it fits

Classic bikini mid rise. Medium front and bum coverage. These may feel snug at fits but will relax with wear and wash.