Adaptogen Booster (Beverage Add On)

Adaptogen Booster (Beverage Add On)

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Consider upping the ante with your Acorn Cafe beverage by adding in an adaptogen mushroom booster or pea protein powder.

Photo Credit:  Harmonic Arts (where we source our adaptogens)

Reishi (stress relief)

Lion's Man (memory/focus)

Chaga (immunity)

Cordyceps (energy)

Turkey Tail (digestion)

Pea Protein (Source: Organic Matters):

Our pea protein is lactose-free. It is made from whole peas and ideal for vegetarians/vegans or anyone looking for a superior quality plant-based protein. Athletes love it as it helps them recover easily after strenuous workouts. It is a highly purified, low grit powder with a smooth, mild taste and texture. It is hypoallergenic and rates well in digestibility.
Providing nine essential amino acids, pea protein has exceptional levels of the amino acids lysine and arginine. Lysine is the precursor of carnitine which converts fatty acids into energy and helps control cholesterol levels. Lysine keeps the immune system in shape and plays a vital role in collagen formation which is necessary for healthy skin and bones. Pea Protein also provides iron and beneficial phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties.