Our Story

Generation Green opened in The Forks Market,  September of 2012 with a small kiosk  on the main floor.

The tiny shop was dedicated to offering eco-friendly and sustainable products for environmentally conscious consumers.  It was the perfect time and place to plant this seed and nurture it's growth. 

After 5 wonderful years at the Forks Market, we outgrew our space and began a search for a new forever home!

We found that perfect space in Winnipeg's  historic Exchange District and saw a clear vision of the potential for growth!

Generation Green recognizes the beneficial environmental impact on supporting the local economy. Therefore, Generation Green is also known as a cheerleader and supporter of all things local!

We do our homework!

At Generation Green we do homework when sourcing the products we offer.

We not only use these products ourselves in our homes, but we adhere to a strict guideline for ethical sourcing.

Trust is one of our core values and is something we strive to build with each of our customers.

If you have a product that you think would be a good fit for Generation Green, or if you have a product recommendation, please feel free to get in touch using the contact button below.

Acorn Cafe came to fruition due to our expansion in 2018.

Located inside of Generation Green, our little cafe enhances your shopping experience!  

We're all about slowing down and enjoying moments! We encourage our customers to grab a beverage and enjoy wandering thru the store, or sit and relax at one of the available tables throughout the store.

To truly offer healthy alternatives, the final step was to consider what we put in our bodies. Acorn Cafe offers healthy eats and indulgent treats, but all entirely vegan. Small, vegan bites, decadent baked goods along with a delicious and creative drink menu.​

Producing and consuming plant based food is good for the environment and wholesome for our bodies.

The acorn is a symbol of how hard work pays off over time. Nestled deep within the acorn is the potential for a great feat! As a tiny seed, it is nourished by the earth and warmed by the sun...and in time grows into a majestic oak.  Like acorns, life's greatest successes occur through many small tasks.  May acorns be a reminder to you that mighty things can come from humble beginnings.