Simple Tips To Boost Your Immunity

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It is so important to keepi our immunity strong and we should always be on the lookout for ways to boost our natural immunity.  

We are obviously more focused on this during the typical cold and flu season, and during these overwhelming and unknown times.  However we shouldn't wait and then do something about, we must be aware of what can weaken or strengthen our natural immunity.  I am always proactive and always focused on prevention!  

The best course of action is the proper amount of sleep, eating nourishing foods, moving our bodies, fresh air and most importantly, reducing stress. I know first hand just how difficult it can be, but small, mindful action will have big impact here.

It's about creating habits that are simple and effective. Here are some of my favourites for reducing the stress to keep our immunity strong.

  • Take 10 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to sit quietly and just notice your breath. This can have a huge impact on calming our nervous system.  As someone who suffers from chronic anxiety, this is a must!  It has been so effective at taking my mind off the stress, and just allowing myself to simply be.  If you have difficulty with all the mind chatter, light a candle and keep your focus there.
  • Affirmations.  Positive self talk is really beneficial at diffusing the negative thoughts or stress triggers. Write simple affirmations out and place them where you will see them, allows for easy recall when you need it.  Definitely one to keep in your mindset toolbox!  Watch this quick awareness video, it's pretty amazing!
    • Having Gratitude.  I do this with my mother who is in a nursing home, as she can sometimes get down.  Saying out loud all the things, people, experiences, that you are grateful for ,will release dopamine and serotonin. These two crucial neurotransmitters are responsible for our emotions, and essentially make us feel "good". They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel, well, happy! Happy mind, happy body!  I have also do a head to toe body scan, giving gratitude to all the parts and how they enhance my life. 
    • Guided relaxation. There are free online sessions and apps that are easy to access and really can help better prepare you for a restful sleep.
    • Vitamins & supplements that can be beneficial for immunity.

    I take supplements throughout the year, and will up the dose during the winter and typical cold/flu months. It is much better if you can try and take in from food sources, as our bodies simply absorb these better through diet. If you do go the supplement route, make sure you do your research to get quality supplements.

    Here are a few of my picks:

    • Vitamin C - this essential vitamin is not one our bodies naturally produce, and has been proven effective at encouraging the growth of white blood cells which protect our bodies from infection. There are so many benefits to this vitamin and why it's top of my list.  You of course can also get vitamin C from foods such as cherries, peepers, kale, broccoli, strawberries and of course, oranges.  
    • Reishi Mushroom - This is an adaptogen mushroom that offers immunity boosting benefits and is great at helping manage stress! Easy to add into your daily beverage. 
    • Intotech Nutrition is a local nutrition manufacturer, that supplies us with a B12 oral spray that has a great dose of vitamin C in it. Our immune system thrives on oxygen, which is delivered by red blood cells and B12 is integral to red cell production.  Research now is also showing that B12 may bind to at least one of the viral proteins and thereby slow down viral replication.

    Our immunity is something we simply can't take for granted. We also can't expect it to kick in if we aren't putting some focus on supporting it. Our health should be at the top of our priority list. Without it we are not able to enjoy life to its fullest potential.  

    Cherish it. Support it. Be grateful for it.


    Article written by Sherry Sobey

    Founder/CEO Generation Green In The Exchange


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