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Hydrate, hydrate & then hydrate some more!

Honestly, I can't stress the importance of hydration enough, especially in our prairie climate.

Skin that is well moisturized and that can hold that moisture, will result in glowing, healthy skin! Why? simply put, that first layer of skin is meant to protect and it can only do that if it's smooth and supple. It will then be able to retain moisture and keep out all the nasties we're constantly exposed to

I've had many a customer ask me what I use and so I'm going to give you my personal recommendations and the steps I use everyday. In addition, I'll also give you some of the other options we stock in store at Generation Green.

Before I dive into any of this, I also must mention the value of sleep and water consumption. Both of these are essential! A lot of the time the outward appearance of our skin is the reflection of our insides. Diet is also one to watch here and is something we individually must take notice of.
My own skincare regimen has changed over the years. It changed drastically after a hysterectomy that put me right into instant menopause! The menopause effects took me from a fairly normal skin type to extreme dryness. The lack of oil production became a huge concern and had noticeable effects. Those of you with oily skin, cherish it! Those natural oils will save you from premature aging!
Now let's dive into my tips!

NOTE: I will also link any of the products I speak about to our online store where you will find more detailed information and can easily add to cart.

Cleanser - I personally only cleanse at the end of the day to wash off my makeup and prep my skin for the next steps. In the morning, I simply splash cold water on my face to wake my skin and get rid of any sleeping mites (gross I know, but true!).

When selecting a cleanser, choose one for your skin type and take a note of the ingredients to be sure it won't strip those natural oils. Surfactants are one of those ingredients commonly used in conventional products. They make things bubble to give the illusion of better cleaning.

TIP: If your skin feels tight and dry immediately after cleaning, you're probably using the wrong one.

I am personally using an olive oil cleanser, locally made by Herbs & Butters Skincare. This is one of my favourite skincare lines as the developer of this line is an actual chemist and has great insight on how ingredients work individually and together. I do however like to switch lines as the season change, and will also use products from the collections of Pure Anada and Just The Goods. Both of these lines are equally wonderful and offer great benefits. They also happen to be made locally as well. I follow the same rule for shampoo, body wash and skin moisturizers. I personally think switching up like this creates a new experience for your skin. I know others though that love when they find that one great product or product line and continually use with great results, it's just what you prefer.

Steam - Once a week I indulge in a full on facial and adding a steaming step after cleansing feels amazing and your skin will love it! I have an actual facial steamer which you can find easily online or in department stores. You can also create one using a pot of boiling water (removed from the heat source) and place a towel over your head. You can also add botanicals into the water an/or a few drops of essential oil to enhance the experience. This step also makes it easier for any extractions that you might need to do.
Mask - After a facial steam I love to add a face mask here. There are so many wonderful ones and really can be selected based on what you are trying to achieve at that time. I personally love to give my skin a great detox mask and look for those that have activated charcoal in them. My number one rule here is be able to read the ingredients! It should be like food for your face!

A little self administered pampering is the intention here. Self care is a must do and this is just one of the ways you can achieve that.

Toner - A lot of people skip this step but a well formulated toner will help in removing that last bit of makeup or cleanser and help to prepare your skin for the next steps. My go to is typically Pure Anada's hydrating toner with marine minerals. I'm a HUGE fan of hyaluronic acid and this is the only toner I know that includes it.

Oils - Even if you have oily skin, add oils! They won't make your skin oilier but rather add a beautiful drink for your skin. There are so many to choose from but my top two picks are Some Moroccan Argan Oil and Pure Anada's Repair Luxury Treatment. 2-3 drops is all you need here!

I add an oil both morning and night. I think preparing your skin just makes your makeup go on better and like I said, your skin will love it.

Treatments: The next two steps are optional but I HIGHLY recommend, especially if treating mature skin and want the anti aging benefits. These you would add on PRIOR to an oil. Nancy Dutiaume of MADE Beauty Co., is a clean beauty advocate, professional makeup artist and my go to for questions! I asked her what is the best sequence of order to use multiple products and she offered the rule of light to heavy. Using the lightest products first and adding the heavier oils and moisturizers last.
Suggested Treatment #1:

I previously mentioned hyaluronic acid and honestly will say it was the game changer for me. This is what will help to lock moisture in the skin cells. My new favourite is from Herbs & Butters Skincare who amped theirs up by adding in ProVitamin B5 to help with any healing needed and shiitake mushroom, (HUGE FAN of all mushrooms!! They are nature's medicine!!) but in this formulation it will help to brighten skin and fade scarring.

Suggested Treatment #2:

My 2nd must have is Co Q10. This is the ingredient that is going to help with skin elasticity and cell regeneration along with many other anti aging aspects. Another fabulous, must have for mature skin or anti aging. Again, I will recommend Herbs & Butters and Pure Anada. They both offer great results!

Suggested Treatment #3:

Let's not forget the eyes! Typically, the first telltale signs of aging can be seen here. Reminder, no more than ring finger pressure to be used! It's a sensitive, thin skin area. I have a few suggestions here and all offering something different.

1) Pure Anada's Awake Eye Gel - Just like the name says, it will wake up your eyes! Get's rid of the puffiness and face the day bright eyed!
2) Green Tea Eye Cream from Herbs & Butters Skincare - all the things here! Nourish, smooth and prevent. Makeup goes on well after, so this is one you can use anytime.
3) SweetPea Natural "Beauty Sleep" Eye Serum - this Is the one I love at the end of the day. I'm not sure if its for the hydrating benefits or that cool, soothing roller ball but I love it!

Night Cream/Deep Moisturizer - Hands down the favourite here is SweetPea Naturals "You Glow Girl". Soooo rich with a base of shea butter and rosehip seed oil. A pea size is all you need to instantly feel the hydrating benefits. Bonus, this one is great for soothing underlying skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea + more.

This is also when I like to use a Gua Sha stone. We have them available in pink quartz or a jade comb and they are wonderful for helping really penetrate those products into your skin, along with detoxifying and muscle toning. We recently did a workshop on how to use one of these stones correctly and it was amazing. Stay tuned for another to be announced soon

DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!! If there is one thing you simply must never sacrifice it would be sunscreen! The trouble I had was finding a safe one that didn't leave your face streaky white and of course worked! Another chemist to the rescue, and local again! I found Unika Cosmetics and loved what they created. It's a clear zinc sunscreen that checks all the boxes.

Finally, and probably my favourite beauty tip of all is self love. When you look in the mirror, think and speak as kindly and lovingly as you can. Allow your authentic self to shine through in your smile, your words and your actions. That is undeniable beauty and the beauty secret you'll want to share.

Article written by Sherry Sobey

Founder/CEO Generation Green In The Exchange


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