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Colour is pure energy and can greatly influence us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Each colour of the rainbow has a different frequency that reaches you though light rays and has a direct effect.

It has long been known in the world of branding for instance, that certain colours can grab attention or evoke a certain emotion. The colour red can increase energy, heartbeat, blood pressure and even body temperature. On the opposite side of the spectrum, cool colours like green, help relax your muscles, nerves and promote peaceful thoughts and feelings.  

Studies have also shown that colour stimulates not only our psychological outlook (mood, feelings and behaviour) but also our endocrine system (aka energy centres or chakras), which connect to our organs, body systems and functions.

Our bodies absorb light energy on a daily basis. As well, our other senses can receive additional colour energy from things such as - coloured foods,  herbs, clothing, decor, and even immersing yourself in specific colours, such as “colour baths' ' (I'll explain more about this soon).  The best part is, this is something safe for everyone, adults, children, babies and even pets. Just another natural remedy to add to your natural health toolbox.

It’s interesting that not many of us really take the time to notice how colour influences, but perhaps unknowingly are benefiting by subconsciously choosing a certain colour to wear or food to eat.  Even scent is connected to specific colours but that is a whole other article. If we  take the time to learn about the influences each colour offers, then we could more mindfully influence our own selves. 

Now to get back to colour bathing and what provoked this article!  

Colour bathing is an easy way for your body to absorb the benefits that a specific colour offers. Water is where human development begins and is a place our bodies easily recognize. Colour Therapy™ takes the element of water and kicks it up a few notches simply by adding a colour into the water.  Colour Bath is a non toxic, natural, organic colour that you add to your bath water until the desired colour is achieved. These contain no FD&C colourants, perfumes or oils. As previously mentioned, these are safe for everyone, even those with sensitive skin and kids will love it! No, it won’t change the colour of your tub, your skin, nor will it make the tub difficult to clean.

Listed below are a few of the benefits each colour offers, what energy centre it’s associated with, and even a suggested essential oil for pairing.  Colour Bath is available in store or here in our online store.  Take note of what colour you are attracted to and then see if those characteristics are inline with what you might just be needing.


RED -Influences Root Chakra - Grounding

Vitality, Courage + Self Love.
Helps build inner strength, security and will power.
Suggested Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood


ORANGE - Influences Spleen Chakra

Happiness, Resourcefulness + Confidence
The best emotional stimuli, removes inhibitions.
Suggested Essential Oils: Melissa or Orange 


YELLOW - Influences Solar Plexis Chakra

Wisdom, Clarity + Self Esteem
“Brain food”. Clarity of thought, increase awareness and stimulate interest.
Suggested Essential Oils: Rosemary or Bergamot


GREEN -Influences Heart Chakra

Balance, Love + Self Control
Helps relax muscles, nerves and thoughts. Cleanses/balances your energy.
Suggested Essential Oils: Eucalyptus or Pine Oil 


BLUE - Influences Throat Chakra

Knowledge, Health + Communication
This one is for a mentally relaxing bath. Ideal for sleep difficulty.
Suggested Essential Oils: Geranium or Chamomile


INDIGO -Influences Brow Chakra

Intuition, Meditation + Understanding
This colour helps you connect with your inner self. Strengthens intuition and imagination.
Suggested Essential Oils: Patchouli or Frankincense


VIOLET - Influences Crown Chakra

Beauty, Creativity + Inspiration
Purify your thoughts and feelings. Enhances artistic talents and creativity.
Suggested Essential Oils: Lavender or Jasmine 

TURQUOISE - Influences Thymus

Communication, Confidence + Speaking
Strengthen concentration and control over your speech. Allows for self expression.
Suggested Essential Oils: Tea Tree or Clary Sage


PINK - Influences Heart Chakra

Love, Consideration + Kindness
Removes all unwanted aggression and irritation. Find peace of mind here.
Suggested Essential Oils: Rose or Rosewood

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